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Sitting Disease: How To Cure & Why

According to,  "Sitting Disease", a term coined by the medical community, is causing an increasing number of Americans to gain weight, develop chronic diseases, and even die prematurely.  Okay, this might sound a bit sensational. But here's the thing; Sitting Disease does affect the workplace.

Are you a doubter? Then answer this: Which workplace environment has the greatest impact on; workplace culture, innovation and the ability to attract and retain the best talent; a predominantly sedentary environment or a blend of sit-stand?

Still not sure if sit-stand is "worth it"? Then take a look at the workplace strategies that Google, Amazon and Apple, employ to avoid a sedentary workplace.  Better yet, start right at home.  Why not pull together an ad hoc committee, comprised of leading Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers to research the pros and cons. Doing so will make your employees feel valued and will provide you with valuable insight.

The old cliché; "I think best on my feet", might just be your new linchpin!

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