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Ten Effortless Ways to Create a Happy Work Environment

What is a happy work environment? A happy work environment is a place you want to keep going back to. Yes, you still have a job to do, but you don’t mind it because you enjoy being there.

But how do you make sure your office space is something you and other people would like to be part of? It also takes cooperation to make this happen. Here are are ten tips:

1. Jumpstart the happy atmosphere yourself

If you want a friendly environment that keeps employees happy, begin with yourself. It can be challenging, especially if you find yourself stressed out with the current order of things.

Choose to be happy. If you know you are in a job that you love, reflect this with your face and behavior. Smile and be open to other people. Leave any personal problems at home so that they won’t affect your office behavior.

2. Listen well

Whether you are a leader or a team member, there will be instances you need to listen to a colleague, a boss, or someone you are supervising. Whatever your position may be, learn how to listen.

Listening is not just about hearing the words being said but also about observing body language. Find out if someone from your team is having a hard time. See what you can do to help.

When an employee finds themselves feeling heard, they are more willing to talk. They are more likely to be productive, as well. A productive office with friendly people willing to listen makes for a happy work environment.

3. Be respectful

Again, it does not matter what your position is, respect others. A happy work environment comes from everyone respecting those around them and their boundaries. Respect can also impact someone’s self-esteem.

When employees are respectful to each other, they can more seamlessly and effortlessly interact. There is no fear that the other person will be strongly opposed to what they have to say. Instead, corrections and feedback are given with growth in mind.

4. Make friends with co-workers

Being cordial with co-workers is one thing; deepening the relationships outside the office space is another. You need to be able to balance friendliness and professionalism.

When you are pleasant to your teammates at work, there is always an air of give-and-take. It is almost like people are only trying to be nice so that the others are also nice to them in the workspace.

However, when you interact with your co-workers outside for office-arranged retreats or recreational activities, there is something different about it.

Outside, you are not expecting anything in return when you participate in the bonding activities. At least, that is how it should be. Whatever friendships you form should help promote a happy work environment.

5. Be cooperative

While some people certainly prefer working alone, they should be willing to be more flexible at work. Some tasks are assigned to individuals, while others are best done as a group.

If you are part of a team or department, learn to cooperate. Even if you are the leader, you should know when to listen to your team’s opinions and allow them to influence a particular decision (if you believe it is for everyone’s own good).

6. Say thank you

Gratitude can go a long way. People want to be appreciated for the tasks that they have done for the company. Find some way to recognize every employee for their accomplishments, big or small.

Saying thank you during more ordinary interactions can also help. When they are thanked, some people become more willing to explore other ways to keep on improving. It is a response to reward.

Of course, make sure that the gratitude is sincere. It will surely make an impact if it is.

7. Bring in plants

One way of making any office space feel more lively and healthy is to add some plants. There is something about a dash of green that can make you feel a lot lighter than usual.

Plants are healthy companions, too, providing you with much-needed extra oxygen throughout your stay at the office. If you cannot work in a natural environment, bring nature in with you. It could provide a cheerful environment for other people, as well.

8. Invest in personal growth

An employee should be happy to stick around if their growth is a priority. If you are part of the administration, make sure that your workers get the chance to improve themselves regularly.

Everyone should get a chance to attend professional development sessions. This way, there is no hint of favoritism of any kind hanging over everyone’s heads. An employee who sees that they can improve themselves in their office space will want to stay.

9. Treat people fairly

Whether you are in a work environment or anywhere else, you must treat people fairly. Victims of social injustice will not want to be further subjugated to more years in the same workspace.

Make people see that they are essential, whatever their position may be in the work environment. If you are the boss, pay your employees fairly. While people should have some degree of love for their jobs to stay in, they should also earn a decent salary.

While people may give you the idea that they are willing to push themselves without a raise, do you think that is fair? No. Soon, they will find their enthusiasm fading once their job is no longer bringing food to the table.

10. Apply a healthy office culture

A healthy office culture embraces everyone. It should not be full of cliques. You should not allow groups from teaming up against each other. You are part of one company. You are meant to work together.

When employees are comfortable with the office culture, they tend to be more loyal. They will want to be part of more activities and projects. It would be easier for them because they already feel like they belong.


Building a work environment that keeps the employees happy can be a challenge. Knowing what a happy work environment entails is the first step. Then, you move towards it through the steps we outlined for you above.

You need to start the process from within yourself and in the immediate circles that you keep.

Soon, you can expand the practices in your department to the rest of your office environment. You must make people feel that they are part of the team. Help them to see their value.

If you are in charge of hiring employees, you may want to focus on those who have enthusiasm for their work. They should also be willing to cooperate with other people.

Friendliness does not always mean being extroverted. Kindhearted introverts do know how to make people feel at ease. If you need extra help with invigorating your office space, contact Planwell Strategies.

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