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Twelve Proven Ways to Make the Most of Your Office Furniture Budget

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

If you are trying not to break the bank when buying office furniture, you don't always have to go for cheap pieces. When you know where and how to look, you should still end up with an office environment that you can be proud of.

Here are some ways you can get more of your limited office furniture budget:

1. Paint the walls

Sometimes, a space needs to be brightened up. Depending on your office culture, you can have the walls painted by a professional, or you and your team can do it yourselves. Just make sure that the walls are scrubbed clean, and you choose a color that will not overwhelm the space.

What does this mean? It means that the color should not only reflect the company’s brand but also use a hue that is not too concentrated. You want to create a calm environment, after all. A modern office furniture budget does not have to be too high.

2. Consider the flooring/carpeting

Do not forget the flooring or carpeting. Sometimes, an office comes with beautiful flooring. So, all you need to do is to maintain its cleanliness. However, some cases call for wall-to-wall carpeting. Find a hue that complements your wall paint. With the walls done and the flooring/carpeting accounted for, your office is already less bare.

3. Plan well

However, even with the basics like paint and flooring improved, you need furniture for both decorative and practical purposes. Before you go shopping for pieces, you need to plan well.

● What do you need?

● How much space do you have? (You may need to take measurements)

● How many employees will be working in the office?

● What layout are you going for?

You should be able to answer all the above questions before you proceed to the furniture store.

4. Choose one furniture supplier

Find out more about the various furniture suppliers in your area. Check their catalog so that you can focus on the ones that can provide you with all your needs.

Stick to one furniture supplier. This way, it is easier for you to get a discount or any other bonus perk. For example, the supplier may not provide you with a bargain but may be willing to offer free delivery and installation. It is better if you can find all these services in one place. This will save you not just your office furniture budget but also time. The logistics also just got a lot simpler.

5. Check for low prices but do not neglect quality

When scanning the furniture options, go for low prices if the cost does not sacrifice durability of the products. You must make comparison checks, like the following:

● This furniture piece is slightly more expensive, but it is a lot more durable than the other. Should I go for it? Yes.

● The furniture piece is less expensive, but its materials are of poor quality. Should I skip it? Yes, because you may soon have to pay for repairs or replacements.

6. Invest in comfortable chairs

You are furnishing an office where people are expected to work for about eight hours (at least) daily. So, make sure you buy comfortable chairs. People usually get tired quickly when sitting on a hard or uncomfortable surface for long periods. They will not be as productive as you want them to be. So, comfort is key here. Ask for more details about the chair selections and ask if you can test out a chair before buying it.

7. Select multipurpose storage containers

Offices can rapidly accumulate things. So, you need flexible storage solutions. You need something with a modern design, which can be folded when there are fewer things to hold. These storage solutions should also be mobile.

The storage containers should not look like they are part of an attic or basement, either. Pick some that will blend in with the rest of your office environment. Some stylish but inexpensive pieces will help your company achieve a modern but practical look.

8. Choose timeless over trendy

When choosing designs, forget about what is trendy. Those styles will come and go. Soon, you will be looking at an office that looks dated. So, stick with timeless, clean designs that can easily be updated when needed in a few years. Usually, these designs are simple and minimalistic. You can simply use accents that will provide the office a sense of what year it is. There is no need to keep on buying new décor.

9. Consider compatibility with technology

There was a time when people had desks, chairs, and typewriters. The furniture could be moved around easily because typewriters do not need to be plugged in. Now, your office furniture budget tech should be considered.

The logistics are more complicated nowadays, as you need to consider the number of computers, routers, extensions, etc., you must use. So, again, buy more mobile and more flexible furniture options so that you don’t have to keep replacing them when you either downsize or upsize your number of employees.

10. Check the warranty

Find out as much as you can about the furniture pieces you set out to buy. You should choose products with a warranty as much as possible. If they do have a warranty, familiarize yourself with the details to make sure you can make the most of it.

Warranty may include services or replacements parts. Make sure you read the fine print before deciding that you are making a wise purchase.

11. Check promos and discounts

There is no shame in explicitly looking for promos and discounts. Sometimes, stores are simply clearing out for the newest furniture styles. Since you are shopping for classic, not trendy, pieces, you should find something you like among the items that must go.

12. Add live plants

Plants are not furniture, true, but they can complement the rest of what you have. They can make a place feel livelier and somewhat healthier. You don’t need to buy expensive statement pieces to make your office space pop.


Shopping can be challenging when you are on a tight office furniture budget. However, it is not impossible. The planning and the research are key. Do not be afraid to ask as many questions about a furniture piece as possible. After all, you are making an investment when you purchase it. You want that investment to produce some great dividends in the form of longevity and durability. In the case of its effects on your employees, you want to see more productivity and a general sense of comfort.

If you need extra help planning your furniture choices according to budget, you may contact Planwell Strategies.

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