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What You Need to Know Before Buying Office Furniture

Your office surroundings can affect the psyche of your workers and your potential clients. Because of this, you need to be more careful when buying office furniture. You cannot just grab pieces just because you can afford them. You also cannot pick each piece just because it looks nice.

While you don’t need to make everything Feng Shui, you still have to know a few essential details before doing some furniture shopping.

Here are some of the most important facts that should influence your choices:

The price of the furniture

Yes, some furniture pieces speak to us right from the very moment we enter the shop. But can we afford them? Since you use the business budget to purchase, you should not let your personal biases affect you. Remember that you are not buying for your home. Even if you were, the prices should still be the best indicator of compatibility.

You cannot buy furniture that is priced beyond the company’s allotted budget. Note that expensive does not always mean the best quality and the most appropriate. Do some intensive price canvassing, and you will discover some great pieces at affordable prices.

Your office culture and brand

Before you even consider buying some items, be clear with what your company’s culture is all about. Are you formal and professional? Are you laidback and fun? Do you lean towards the creative and avant-garde instead?

Whatever the company brand is, the furniture must reflect it. More likely, the office culture will also be consistent with the brand.

Comfort and functionality

Even if you are an avant-garde company, you still do not have a genuine reason for buying furniture pieces that are more decorative than functional. These items should be put to use in the office. Otherwise, unless you are setting up a sort of museum or display, why would you buy them?

When you do pick the functional pieces, make sure that they are comfortable. The comfort level can contribute to the employees’ productivity. Imagine sitting in an uncomfortable chair while working on the day’s assignments. It will not work out well. You will get tired right away.

You must ask the seller about the materials used to make the furniture pieces. Ask if you can test the seats, for example. You can then gauge if they are comfortable.

Storage capabilities

Find out if a furniture piece has some extra storage capabilities. This way, you can buy less to make way for more space. A cluttered office can be challenging in which to work and maneuver. Choose furniture that provides comfort, function, and storage space. These pieces are becoming more popular as people require places to store their things without affecting the general layout of the area.

Color coordination

A company usually operates using a color palette. The color palette includes hues that represent the company’s various virtues. For example, a business’s primary colors may be yellow, blue, and white. Its logo will make use of these colors against the company name and possibly a symbol. Then, it does not make sense to buy several red, green, and black furniture pieces. Even the furniture should showcase the company’s chosen color palette.

Does this mean that there will be no other colors? No. However, the dominant colors seen when you enter the office should still be the ones that represent the company. If there are other colors added, these secondary ones should not overwhelm. They should be used for mere accents.

Size against your office space

You should be aware of the size of your office space. This way, you can compare the dimensions of the furniture pieces with the space allotted for them. Plan out the layout before you even choose furniture. Know where you want to place a couch, for example. Consider where the desks and computers will be located. Planning will help you avoid buying a piece that can take over the whole room. There should still be enough space between elements. You don’t want the room to be crammed with furniture.

If you have a small office space, do not emphasize the lack of square area by putting stuff in every corner. You may even invest in some mirrors that can create illusions of bigger space.

Planned activities per room

If your office has several rooms, be clear about the role of each room. Knowing the functions can help you decide what furniture should be included. It will also help you when deciding whether to add carpeting. If the room is meant for storage only, carpeting does not make sense. However, carpeting can undoubtedly add to the professional look of an office. You may consider having wall-to-wall carpeting installed.

The furniture should be able to handle whatever is planned for any particular room. For example, shelves that are meant to hold heavier materials should be appropriately sturdy.

Seller’s reputation

Of course, you cannot buy your furniture from just anywhere. Choose a reputable store. This way, you can be sure to purchase high-quality products that will last. Read a lot of reviews if you must do so to be assured of its service.

Don’t zero in on one store right away. Compare and contrast a few sellers to see which can provide you the service you want. Not only should the seller be able to sell products that last, but they should also offer other services at your convenience. Good furniture shops should also have a delivery service. The management should be willing to do installations for free or for a small price. If they are charging for the installations, find out if it is a fair price.


Before you go furniture shopping, you must know a few things. It is only practical to do so, especially when operating on a limited budget. Allotting a budget is a wise way to tackle this assignment, anyway.

Having the right furniture piece for your office can evoke a certain feeling. What do you want these furniture pieces to convey? They should fulfill their roles in expressing your brand, providing comfort, and being functional. After all, your office is your second home – if it is not already located in your home. It should be inviting and comfortable so that it can boost everyone’s productivity.

Find out more about setting up your workplace for optimal productivity with the help of Planwell Strategies.

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